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Chief Design Officer


Jordon started his design career over ten years ago, creating Logo's, flyers and posters to make extra money throughout high school, in doing this he found his passion for designing images and promotional material that works.

After using third-party Web developers for a while and finding them sub-par, Jordon decided to take matters into his own hands, bringing web design into his arsenal of services he can personally offer.

When doing this he found there was a huge percentage of business owners that aren't properly using their website, it was simply just sitting there doing nothing.


He decided to change this.


Jordon Had a vision of a company that can offer a complete package to any business, giving them not just a website that sits and looks good, but a website that actually improves your business.

Teaching business owners why he is doing specific things on their website so they greater understand the marketing them self, allowing your business to flourish without being led down another garden path.


Now we're on to present day, Jordon has a vast range of clients under his belt where he has transformed their business and allowing the business owner to make better-informed decisions when these "marketing companies" call you trying to get you to advertise on their website.


Jordon now has a team of people we call PRIMO.

The team consist of..


Graphic Design Artist


New Business Consultant


Web/Program  Developer


Digital Marketing Manager

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